CEP Goals

  1. By June 2022, Elementary School ELA Data for all students will increase 5%, from 49% to 54%, as measured by the NYS ELA Exam results.

  2. By June 2022, Elementary Math Data for all students will increase 5%, from 42% to 47%, as measured by the NYS Math Exam results.

  3. By June 2022, practices related to Social Emotional Support will improve 5%, from 81% to 86%, as measured by positive NYC School Survey responses, resulting in improved Physical and Mental Wellness.

  4. By June 2022, Chronic Absenteeism for all students will decrease 3%, from 15% to 12% as measured by Insight Beta Dashboard; PAR Attendance Reports.

  5. By June 2022, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IEPs for all Students with Disabilities (SWD), we will improve the inclusion of Student Voice in the alignment of IEP Present Levels of Performance and Student Annual Goals from 75% to 100%, as measured by the SIT IEP Review Checklist.